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Beyond Learning for Earning : The Long-term Outcomes of Course-based and Immersion Service Learning Raykov, Milosh; Taylor, Alison, 1959-


This study reports on survey and preliminary interview findings of students who participated in course based service learning (CBSL) and immersion service learning (ISL) at St. Francis Xavier (StFX) University between 2000 and 2015. In total, 448 former SL students partially completed the survey and 313 former SL students fully completed the survey and provided the information required for our analysis. Survey responses include 173 former CBSL students, 90 ISL students, and 50 students who participated in both ISL and CBSL at StFX. Our research questions examined the socio-demographic features of students who enroll in CBSL and ISL, what kind of experiences they have, and what are the effects on their university experiences, aspirations, and life post-graduation?

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