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The association between age and accelerometry-derived types of habitual daily activity: an observational study over the adult life span in the Netherlands van Schooten, Kimberley S; van Dieen, Jaap H; Pijnappels, Mirjam; Maier, Andrea B; van ‘t Hul, Alex J; Niessen, Martijn; van Lummel, Rob C


Background: Advances in sensor technology allow for objective and high-resolution monitoring of physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Novel epidemiological data is required to provide feedback on an individual’s habitual daily activity in comparison to peers and might eventually lead to refined physical activity guidelines. Methods: We merged data of 762 people between 18 and 99 years of age, who all wore a DynaPort MoveMonitor accelerometer on their lower back during 1 week in daily-life, to provide insight into habitual types and durations of daily activities, and examine the association between age and physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Results: We found associations between age and almost all activity outcomes. These associations suggested that physical activity declines and sedentary behaviour increases from the age of 50. We further describe an association with gender, with men walking more often in fewer but longer bouts and having fewer, longer bouts of sitting and standing. Conclusions: These data provide a valuable reference and may call for more age- and gender-specific activity interventions.

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