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Myocardial Infarction Injury in Patients with Chronic Lung Disease Entering Pulmonary Rehabilitation : Frequency and Association with Heart Rate Parameters Lau, Benny C.; Taylor, Carolyn M.; Eeden van, Stephan F.; Camp, Pat; Sima, Carmen Aurelia; Reid, Wendy Darlene; Sheel, Andrew William; Kirkham, Ashley


Background: Myocardial infarction (MI) remains under-recognized in chronic lung disease (CLD) patients. Rehabilitation health professionals need accessible clinical measurements to identify the presence of prior MI in order to determine appropriate training prescription. Objectives: We aimed to estimate prior MI in CLD patients entering a pulmonary rehabilitation program, as well as its association with heart rate parameters such as resting heart rate and chronotropic response index. Design: Retrospective cohort design.Setting: Pulmonary rehabilitation outpatient clinic in a tertiary care university-affiliated hospital. Patients: Eighty-five CLD patients were studied. Methods: Electrocardiograms at rest and peak cardiopulmonary exercise testing, performed before pulmonary rehabilitation, were analyzed. Electrocardiographic evidence of prior MI, quantified by the cardiac infarction injury score (CIIS), was contrasted with reported myocardial events and then correlated with resting heart rate and chronotropic response index parameters. Main outcome measurements: Cardiac infarction injury score, resting heart rate and 40 chronotropic response index. Results: Sixteen CLD patients (19%) demonstrated electrocardiographic evidence of prior MI, but less than half (8%) had a reported MI history (p

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