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Identity work : enactment of racial-ethnic identity in everyday life Cross, William E., Jr.; Seaton, Eleanor K.; Yip, Tiffany; Lee, Richard M.; Rivas, Deborah; Gee, Gilbert C.; Roth, Wendy D.; Ngo, Bic, 1974-


In this theoretical analysis, we discuss the attributional and enactment approaches to identity and present a new Ethnic-Racial Identity Enactment Model derived from extant theory and research. We highlight modes of identity work that provide 1) self-concept and self-esteem protection; 2) achievement and success during everyday encounters; 3) a sense of belonging and attachment to one’s ascriptive group; and 4) the relation between internalized oppression and internalized racism in everyday exchanges. We discuss the integration of self-concept mechanisms with mindsets and intentions specific to ethnic-racial identity dynamics. The article ends by highlighting a research procedure that fuses the attributional and enactment approaches to identity research.

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