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The impact of chronic airway disease on symptom severity and global suffering in Canadian rhinosinusitis patients Luu, Kimberly; Sutherland, Jason M.; Crump, Trafford; Liu, Giuping; Janjua, Arif


Background: Patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS) can suffer from a significant decline in their quality of life. CRS patients have a high prevalence of comorbid conditions and it is important to understand the impact of these conditions on their CRS-related quality of life. This study measures the impacts of chronic pulmonary comorbidities on quality of life, pain, and depression scores among patients with CRS awaiting Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (ESS). Methods: This study is based on cross-sectional analysis of prospectively collected patient-reported outcome data collected pre-operatively from patients waiting for ESS. Surveys were administered to patients to assess sino-nasal morbidity (SNOT-22), depression and pain. The impact of pulmonary comorbidity on SNOT-22 scores, pain and depression was measured. Results: Two hundred fifthy-three patients were included in the study, 91 with chronic pulmonary comorbidity. The mean SNOT-22 scores were significantly higher among patients with chronic pulmonary comorbidities than among patients without (37 and 48, respectively). This difference is large enough to be clinically significant. Patients with chronic pulmonary comorbidities reported slightly higher depression scores than those without. Conclusions: This study found that among CRS patients waiting for ESS, chronic pulmonary comorbidities are strongly associated with significantly higher symptom burden.

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