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A randomized trial of Plasma-Lyte A and 0.9 % sodium chloride in acute pediatric gastroenteritis Allen, Coburn H; Goldman, Ran D; Bhatt, Seema; Simon, Harold K; Gorelick, Marc H; Spandorfer, Philip R; Spiro, David M; Mace, Sharon E; Johnson, David W; Higginbotham, Eric A; Du, Hongyan; Smyth, Brendan J; Schermer, Carol R; Goldstein, Stuart L


Background: Compare the efficacy and safety of Plasma-Lyte A (PLA) versus 0.9 % sodium chloride (NaCl) intravenous (IV) fluid replacement in children with moderate to severe dehydration secondary to acute gastroenteritis (AGE). Methods: Prospective, randomized, double-blind study conducted at eight pediatric emergency departments (EDs) in the US and Canada (NCT#01234883). The primary outcome measure was serum bicarbonate level at 4 h. Secondary outcomes included safety and tolerability. The hypothesis was that PLA would be superior to 0.9 % NaCl in improvement of 4-h bicarbonate. Patients (n = 100) aged ≥6 months to

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