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Women Talking about Water : Feminist Subjectivities and Intersectional Understandings Harris, Leila; Phartiyal, Jyoti; Scott, Dayna Nadine, 1974-; Peloso, Megan Michelle


Based on focus groups with women in two Canadian provinces, Ontario and B.C, we analyze key themes as women discuss their concerns and interests related to water. We find that women highlight key concerns related to water in a way that attends to the connections among people, as well as between humans and other life. The types of subjectivities we witness among the women interviewed recognize the social embeddedness of water, integrating questions of social, ecological, and intergenerational justice in relation to complex and changing waterscapes. While our evidence certainly illuminates a gender perspective consistent with discussions in feminist political ecology, we also find narratives that clearly highlight nuanced and intersectional understandings, with focus group discussions that clearly articulate key linkages between gender, class, and Indigeneity.

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