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Serum IgG subclass levels and risk of exacerbations and hospitalizations in patients with COPD Leitao Filho, Fernando S; Ra, Seung W; Mattman, Andre; Schellenberg, Robert S; Criner, Gerard J; Woodruff, Prescott G; Lazarus, Stephen C; Albert, Richard; Connett, John E; Han, Meilan K; Martinez, Fernando J; Leung, Janice M; Paul Man, S. F; Aaron, Shawn D; Reed, Robert M; Sin, Don D


Background: The literature is scarce regarding the prevalence and clinical impact of IgG subclass deficiency in COPD. We investigated the prevalence of IgG subclass deficiencies and their association with exacerbations and hospitalizations using subjects from two COPD cohorts. Methods: We measured IgG subclass levels using immunonephelometry in serum samples from participants enrolled in two previous COPD trials: Macrolide Azithromycin for Prevention of Exacerbations of COPD (MACRO; n = 976) and Simvastatin for the Prevention of Exacerbations in Moderate-to-Severe COPD (STATCOPE; n = 653). All samples were collected from clinically stable participants upon entry into both studies. IgG subclass deficiency was diagnosed when IgG subclass levels were below their respective lower limit of normal: IgG1 

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