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Fisheries Catch Reconstructions : Islands : Part IV Zylich, Kyrstn; Zeller, Dirk, 1961-; Ang, Melanie; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


This is the fourth of our Fisheries Centre Research Reports featuring catch reconstructions for islands. Like its predecessors, a wide variety of islands is covered; some are countries in their own right, e.g., Iceland, while others are overseas territories of other countries, e.g., the British Virgin Islands. This set of reconstructions is particular, however, in that it includes the largest island in the world, Greenland, where all living resources, including seabirds and marine mammals are exploited, as well as the Chagos Archipelagos in the Indian Ocean, where all legal exploitation ceased when its Exclusive Economic Zone was declared a marine reserve in 2010, at the very end of the period covered here. There are six reconstructions from the Caribbean Islands, ranging in size from Cuba to tiny Anguilla, and five from the Pacific, ranging from wealthy Singapore, with a minuscule EEZ to impoverished and tiny Kiribati, with an immense EEZ.

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