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Spatial Modelling of the Haida Gwaii Ecosystem : Contributions to Haida Gwaii Marine Spatial Planning Pitcher, Tony J.; Kumar, Rajeev; Lam, Mimi E.; Surma, Szymon; Varkey, Divya


Zoning of marine space is increasingly used to reconcile conflicting socio-economic and conservation goals for marine resources: marine spatial planning entails appraisal of the outcomes of ecosystem-based trade-offs by stakeholders. This report gives the results of a pilot study using state-of-the-art, spatial ecosystem modelling of potential marine protected areas in the Haida Gwaii marine ecosystem. It aims to inform any marine spatial planning process of the likely ecological consequences of alternative spatial management scenarios. A published ecosystem model of northern BC has been adapted to Haida Gwaii, augmented and spatialized. Novel habitat capacity maps and fishery zones have been employed in the modelling framework for the first time.

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