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Ecopath 30 Years Conference Proceedings : Extended Abstracts Steenbeek, Jeroen; Piroddi, Chiara; Coll, Marta; Heymans, Johanna J.; Villasante, Sebastian; Christensen, Villy


Ecopath 30th Anniversary Conference is on track to help move us toward ecosystem based management (EBM), and the success that is clearly indicated by the interest in the conference – as the extended abstracts in this volume is a strong indicator of – will serve as a milestone. The contributions range wide, starting off indeed with scientific advice for management, and on to marine conservation, ecosystem evolution, cumulative dynamics, and end-to-end. Overall, this shows the versatility of the approach and even more importantly, how the diversity of scientists that cooperate on moving us toward EBM jointly can contribute to a scientific development that is bigger than what any of us can accomplish individually. Synergistic cooperation is indeed the key issue for Ecopath and where we are heading. This is the foundation for the Ecopath Research and Development Consortium, which was established in 2011, and which now has close to 20 institutional members from throughout the world. We invite you all to join the effort.

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