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Marine Fisheries Catches of SubAntarctic Islands, 1950 to 2010 Palomares, Maria Lourdes D.; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


This report presents catch 'reconstructions' for six groups of islands that are part of, or near the sub-Antarctic convergence: France's Crozet and St Paul & Amsterdam, Norway's Bouvet Island, and the United Kingdom's Falkland, South Georgia and South Sandwich, and Orkney Islands. As such, it concludes the Sea Around Us’ coverage of Antarctica in the widest sense, following up as it does on a reports covering Antarctica proper, Australia's Heard & MacDonald and Macquarie Islands, France's Kerguelen and South Africa’s Prince Edward Islands. This now complete coverage of Antarctica for the years 1950 to 2010 will allow a better understanding the expansion of industrial fishing from the North into this ultimate region, which began earlier than generally assumed.

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