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EcoBase : A Repository Solution to Gather and Communicate Information from EwE Models Colléter, Mathieu; Valls, Audrey Emilie; Guitton, Jérôme; Morissette, Lyne; Arreguín-Sánchez, Francisco Francisco; Christensen, Villy; Gascuel, D. (Didier); Pauly, D. (Daniel)


It is now clear that research addressed at a large scale can allow for new insights on complex phenomena taking place in the global ocean. Ecological studies are more and more based on data-driven methodologies that rely on pre-existing datasets. However, open-access, digital and cross-disciplinary datasets are still uncommon for ecology. In the face of the global overexploitation of marine resources and rapid degradation of ecosystem integrity, new research tools are required to tackle these issues and enable new powerful, interdisciplinary research capabilities. We have, in fisheries research generally, and at the Fisheries Centre in particular, broad experience with fisheries data collection, and analysis of food web aspects of ecosystem dynamics. The main goals of EcoBase are to (i) gather published EwE models; (ii) communicate on EwE modeling research; (iii) facilitate meta-analyses based on EwE models. EcoBase is meant to be a comprehensive, open-access, digital repository where EwE models are made discoverable, accessible and reusable by the scientific community. The structure, capabilities and current state of the EcoBase models repository are described in further details in this report.

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