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The Use of Ecosystem Models to Investigate Multispecies Management Strategies for Capture Fisheries Pitcher, Tony J.; Cochrane, K. L.


This report comprises the edited proceedings of workshop held at the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia in July 2000, jointly sponsored by FAO, Rome and the government of Japan. This is the first published account of new Ecosim policy search software that aims to find fishing rates that maximize objective functions for economic, ecological, employment or mixed goals. Two papers set out the numerical basis for the software and the procedure that was adopted for the workshop case studies. The report contains 18 case study papers exploring the use of the ecosim policy software. Papers examine fisheries and their ecosystems in the Strait of Georgia (BC), the Bali Strait (Indonesia), the North Sea, The Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Lake Malawi, Newfoundland, Port Philip Bay (Tasmania), Prince William Sound (Alaska), the San Matias Gulf (Argentina), the Scotian Shelf (Canada), Southern Benguela (South Africa), Campeche Sound (Mexico), Gulf of California (Mexico), the Caribbean (Columbia).

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