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Use of Ecopath with Ecosim to Evaluate Strategies for Sustainable Exploitation of Multi-Species Resources Pauly, D. (Daniel); Weingartner, Gunna


This report presents background material to and the main conclusions of a workshop, held on March 25-27, 1998 at the Fisheries Centre,UBC, and devoted to the use of the Ecopath with Ecosim software as a tool for evaluating different strategies for fisheries resource management in a multispecies, i.e., ecosystem context. Summaries of lectures describing the latest version of Ecopath with Ecosim (V. Christensen), the background, capabilities and shortcomings of Ecosim (C. Walters), including the use of Ecosim in an economic context (R. Sumaila) to assess the effectivity of marine protected areas (R. Watson) and for rebuilding ecosystem (T. Pitcher) are presented. The main features of Ecospace, a spatial version of Ecopath recently developed by C. Walters, are briefly outlined.The requirements of FAO - the main sponsor of the workshop - for field use of the package are presented (K. Cochrane), as are the results of tests and simulations by the workshop participants.The report concludes with a general discussion of the type of prediction (safe, tentative, guesses) that can be expected to result from Ecosim/Ecospace applications.

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