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Increases in the availability of prescribed opioids in a Canadian setting Nosyk, Bohdan; Marshall, Brandon David Lewis; Fischer, Benedikt; Montaner, Julio; Wood, Evan; Kerr, Thomas


Background The nonmedical use of prescribed opioids (POs) has increased across North America over the past decade. Our objective was to identify changes in the availability of POs and other illicit drugs among drug users in a Canadian setting. Methods Information on the availability of illicit drugs was collected in standardized interviews from a large observational research program involving illicit drug users in Vancouver, British Columbia from 2006–2010. The primary outcome was the perceived availability of a set of six POs (aspirin/oxycodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, morphine, acetaminophen/codeine and methadone) among individuals reporting ever using POs. Availability was measured in three levels: not available, delayed availability (available ≥10min.), and immediate availability (available

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