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Transitions into and out of homelessness among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting Cheng, Tessa; Wood, Evan; Feng, Cindy X.; Mathias, Steve; Montaner, Julio; Kerr, Thomas; DeBeck, Kora


The impact of transitions in housing status among street youth have not been well explored. This study uses a generalized linear mixed effects model to identify factors associated with transitions into and out of homelessness among a prospective cohort of 685 drug-using street-involved youth aged 14–26. In multivariate analysis, high intensity substance use, difficulty accessing addiction treatment, incarceration, sex work, and difficulty accessing housing (all p < 0.05) either significantly facilitated or hindered housing transitions. Findings highlight the importance of external structural factors in shaping youth’s housing status and point to opportunities to improve the housing stability of vulnerable youth.

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