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A Standardized Assessment of the Chinese Renal Nutrition Patient Education Materials at Providence Health Care Koo, Winphia; Koh, Jiak Chin


Objective: This study evaluated the 15 Chinese renal nutrition handouts developed at Providence Health Care (PHC) by using the Suitability Assessment of Material (SAM) tool. Methods: A quantitative, non-experimental survey design was used to assess overall suitability, content, literacy demand, graphics, layout and typography, learning stimulation/motivation, and cultural appropriateness of the handouts. The evaluation was done using the SAM tool. Results: Eight of the 15 handouts were found to be superior and seven adequate in overall suitability. Subscale scores identified three areas of relative weakness – lack of inclusion of summary or review, high reading grade level, and the lack of use of interactive learning stimulation. Conclusions and Implications: This systematic evaluation found that all of the 15 handouts were suitable overall. A few relative weaknesses were identified and they will be addressed at the next revision. This study also confirmed that the SAM is a feasible tool to evaluate patient education materials.

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