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Early sex work initiation independently elevates odds of HIV infection and police arrest among adult sex workers in a Canadian setting Goldenberg, Shira M.; Chettiar, Jill; Simo, Annick; Silverman, Jay G.; Strathdee, Steffanie A.; Montaner, Julio; Shannon, Kate


Objectives To explore factors associated with early sex work initiation, and model the independent effect of early initiation on HIV infection and prostitution arrests among adult sex workers (SWs). Design Baseline data (2010–2011) were drawn from a cohort of SWs who exchanged sex for money within the last month and were recruited through time-location sampling in Vancouver, Canada. Analyses were restricted to adults ≥18 years old. Methods SWs completed a questionnaire and HIV/STI testing. Using multivariate logistic regression, we identified associations with early sex work initiation (

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