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Photoconductive terahertz generation from textured semiconductor materials Collier, Christopher Michael; Stirling, Trevor J.; Hristovski, Ilija; Krupa, Jeffrey; Holzman, Jonathan F.


Photoconductive (PC) terahertz (THz) emitters are often limited by ohmic loss and Joule heating—as these e ects can lead to thermal runaway and premature device breakdown. To address this, the proposed work introduces PC THz emitters based on textured InP materials. The enhanced surface recombination and decreased charge-carrier lifetimes of the textured InP materials reduce residual photocurrents, following the picosecond THz waveform generation, and this diminishes Joule heating in the emitters. A non-textured InP material is used as a baseline for studies of ne- and coarse-textured InP materials. Ultrafast pump-probe and THz setups are used to measure the charge-carrier lifetimes and THz response/photocurrent consumption of the respective materials and emitters. It is found that similar temporal and spectral characteristics can be achieved with the THz emitters, but the level of photocurrent consumption (yielding Joule heating) is greatly reduced in the textured materials.

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