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Characterization of Image Receivers for Optical Wireless Location Technology Arafa, Ahmed Tarek; Jin, Xian; Bergen, Mark; Klukas, Richard; Holzman, Jonathan F.


In this work, image receivers are characterized to address the challenges of indoor positioning with optical wireless location (OWL) systems. Image receivers are studied according to their field-of-view (FOV) characteristics: the first image receiver uses a wide-FOV (95°) microlens; the second image receiver uses an ultrawide-FOV (130°) microlens. An angle of arrival (AOA) characterization of the image receiver is used to quantify azimuthal, φ, and polar, θ, angles of incident light from optical beacons. A dilution of position (DOP) characterization is used to quantify geometrical effects of the optical beacon distribution. It is found that the ultrawide-FOV microlens (with a mean positioning error of 1.5 cm) can better image widely separated optical beacons, and thus operate at a lower DOP, compared to the wide-FOV microlens (with a mean positioning error of 3.2 cm).

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