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Developing a National Family Planning Primary Healthcare Research Program : Opportunities and Priorities Identified Through Stakeholder and Expert Consultations Norman, Wendy V.; Dunn, Sheila; Guilbert, Edith; Soon, Judith Alice; Hutchison, Penelope


To develop a foundation for a national family planning research network, a core research team conducted several initiatives throughout the fall of 2011. Meetings with health system decision makers in public health and health services delivery from government, public and not-forprofit sectors across the nation were carried out to capture perceived gaps and opportunities as seen by knowledge users. As well, key informant interviews, and surveys among national organizations representing vulnerable populations and those representing health care professionals were conducted, and used to inform discussions at planning meetings with nationally representative health professionals and interdisciplinary academic researchers. Innovative models and important gaps emerging from each of these activities have been used to identify priorities for a programmatic community-based primary healthcare family planning research and researcher training agenda that could advance access to optimal contraception and abortion knowledge and services. The aim of this work is to improve the health of Canadian women and families by reducing unintended pregnancies and improving recognition of optimal pregnancy timing, so that women are able to achieve the healthiest pregnancies. Our goal is to undertake primary healthcare family planning research that will lead to improvements in equitable access to high quality family planning knowledge, services and methods, particularly among vulnerable women and families throughout Canada. Initiatives described here include: • National mixed methods surveys of stakeholders and primary healthcare clinicians • Expert Interviews with key stakeholders • A “Network Launch” consultation forum with Clinical Service providers • A planning meeting with key decision makers and interdisciplinary academic researchers to establish research program priorities This report will largely detail the latter of these activities, with findings from the former activities provided in the appendices.

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