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Utility-based efficient dynamic distributed resource allocation in buffer-aided relay-assisted OFDMA networks Hajipour, Javad; Mohamed, Amr; M. Leung, Victor C


In this paper, we study resource allocation in buffer-aided relay-assisted OFDMA networks. We consider utility-based stochastic optimization framework where there are constraints to be met either instantaneously or in average sense. Using the well-known Lyapunov drift-plus-penalty policy, we extract the instantaneous problem that needs to be solved in each slot to control the data admission and allocate the time slots, power, and subchannels. We propose the parameters that should be taken into account in utilizing the drift-plus-penalty policy in relay-assisted cellular networks, for providing fair data admission and satisfying the average power constraints. We introduce a low-complexity strategy for power and subchannel allocation and propose distributed and centralized algorithms to utilize it. Specifically, the proposed efficient dynamic distributed resource allocation (EDDRA) scheme is suitable for use in practice as it imposes less overhead on the system and splits the resource allocation tasks among the base station (BS) and the relays. Extensive simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed parameters in meeting the objective and the constraints of the studied problem. We also show that the proposed EDDRA scheme has close performance to the proposed centralized one and outperforms an existing centralized scheme.

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