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Physical activity screening to recruit inactive randomized controlled trial participants: how much is too much? Vandelanotte, Corneel; Stanton, Robert; Rebar, Amanda L; Van Itallie, Anetta K; Caperchione, Cristina M; Duncan, Mitch J; Savage, Trevor N; Rosenkranz, Richard R; Kolt, Gregory S


Screening physical activity levels is common in trials to increase physical activity in inactive populations. Commonly applied single-item screening tools might not always be effective in identifying those who are inactive. We applied the more extensive Active Australia Survey to identify inactive people among those who had initially been misclassified as too active using a single-item measure. Those enrolled after the Active Australia Survey screening had significantly higher physical activity levels at subsequent baseline assessment. Thus, more extensive screening measures might result in the inclusion of participants who would otherwise be excluded, possibly introducing unwanted bias. Trial registration Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry, ACTRN12611000157976 .

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