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Reasserting 'Namgis Food Sovereignty aka Three Boats and a Pick Up Truck Satterfield, Terre; Robertson, Leslie; Pitts, Anton; Jacobson, Diane, 1955-


This collaborative project began with the question: What would it take for the ‘Namgis First Nation to become food sovereign? By food sovereign, we mean being able (and having the right) to access, control and produce what is needed for a healthy (and/or more heavily traditional) diet. What would it take, to feed 1,000 ‘Namgis for one year in their own territory? This includes approximations for both a daily diet and food volumes required for one example year of feasting and potlatching, that is, feeding the many who attend events hosted by ‘Namgis. We also sought to answer what it would cost to both harvest and/or produce most of what is needed for traditional, western and hybrid diets, keeping in mind costs of infrastructure for harvests (e.g., purchasing, maintaining and fueling boats and pick up trucks for harvested foods), for local agriculture (e.g., hectares or plots of land, farming inputs), and the sheer labour needed for both.

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