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Free-space optical communications using on-off keying and source information transformation Yang, Luanxia; Zhu, Bingcheng; Cheng, Julian; Holzman, Jonathan F.


Free-space optical communication using on-off keying (OOK) and source information transformation is proposed. It is shown that source information transformation allows the proposed system to detect the OOK signal without requiring the knowledge of instantaneous channel state information and the probability density function (pdf) of the turbulence model. Analytical expressions are derived for the pdf of the detection threshold, and an upper bound is obtained on the average bit error rate (BER). Numerical studies show that the proposed system can achieve comparable performance to the idealized adaptive detection system, with a greatly reduced level of implementation complexity and a signal-to-noise ratio performance loss of only 1:8 dB at a BER of 1 x 10-⁹ for a lognormal turbulence channel with σ = 0:25.

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