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Fluidization and Drying of Biomass Particles in a Pulsed Fluidized Bed with Vibration Jia, Dening; Cathary, Océane; Peng, Jianghong; Bi, Xiaotao; Lim, C. Jim; Sokhansanj, Shahab; Liu, Yuping; Wang, Ruixu; Tsutsumi, Atsushi, 1956-


Fluidization of biomass particles has been tested in a pulsed fluidized bed with vibration in the absence of inert bed materials. Results indicate that pulsation is capable of overcoming the cohesive nature of biomass introduced by strong interparticle forces. The gas-solid flow behavior in the pulsed fluidized bed up to 6.7 Hz of pulsation has been analyzed. As the pulsation frequency increases, regular bubble patterns are formed. Drying tests have been carried out to obtain the optimum operating condition for future pulsed fluidized bed dryer and torrefier in terms of good gas-solid contact and high heat and mass transfer rates. The effect of flow rate, temperature, pulsation frequency and vibration intensity has been investigated. While higher temperature and flow rate are favored in drying, there exists a sweet spot for pulsation frequency between 1 Hz and 2 Hz where gas-solid contact is enhanced. Both constant rate drying and falling rate drying are present in the drying.

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