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The CPA Presidential Task Force on Evidence-Based Practice of Psychological Treatments Dozois, David J. A.; Mikail, Sam; Alden, Lynn E.; Bieling, Peter J.; Bourgon, Guy, 1964-; Clark, David A., 1954-; Drapeau, Martin; Gallson, Dave; Greenberg, Leslie S.; Hunsley, John, 1959-; Johnston, Charlotte


The Board of Directors of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) launched a Task Force on Evidence-Based Practice of Psychological Treatments to support and guide practice as well as to inform stakeholders. This article describes the work of this Task Force, outlining its raison d’etre, providing a comprehensive definition of evidence-based practice (EBP), and advancing a hierarchy of evidence that is respectful of diverse research methodologies, palatable to different groups, and yet comprehensive and compelling. The primary objective was to present an overarching methodology or approach to thinking about EBP so that psychologists can provide and implement the best possible psychological treatments. To this end, our intention for this document was to provide a set of guidelines and standards that will foster interest, encourage development, and promote effectiveness in EBP.

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