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Creating a knowledge translation trainee collaborative: from conceptualization to lessons learned in the first year Cornelissen, Evelyn; Urquhart, Robin; Chan, Vivian W; DeForge, Ryan T; Colquhoun, Heather L; Sibbald, Shannon; Witteman, Holly


Trainees (e.g., graduate students, residents, fellows) are increasingly identifying knowledge translation as their research discipline. In Canada, a group of trainees have created a trainee-initiated and trainee-led national collaborative to provide a vehicle for trainees to examine the diversity of knowledge translation research and practice, and to link trainees from diverse geographical areas and disciplines. The aim of this paper is to describe our experience and lessons learned in creating the Knowledge Translation Trainee Collaborative. In this meeting report, we outline the process, challenges, and opportunities in planning and experiencing the collaborative's inaugural meeting as participant organizers, and present outcomes and learnings to date.

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