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Myxoid liposarcoma in a 91-year-old patient Sheffield, Brandon S; Nielsen, Torsten O


Background: Myxoid liposarcoma is a mesenchymal malignancy most commonly presenting in young adults. This tumor is known for its characteristic chromosomal rearrangement at the DDIT3 locus. Results: We report a case of myxoid liposarcoma in a 91-year-old, the oldest known patient with this disease-entity. FISH analysis of the DDIT3 and FUS loci demonstrate the pathognomonic chromosomal alteration in the setting of predominantly round cell histology on biopsy, confirmed by RT-PCR. Conclusion: Myxoid liposarcoma affects mostly young adults but can be seen in the elderly population. Molecular and cytogenetic assays are helpful auxiliaries to histology in the setting of unusual histology and clinical presentation.

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