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Religion and spirituality in the context of bipolar disorder : a literature review Pesut, Barbara; Clark, Nancy; Maxwell, Victoria; Michalak, Erin E.


Bipolar disorder (BD) affects approximately half a million Canadians. Religion and spirituality (R/S) may play an important role for individuals with BD by providing a means of coping with, and an explanatory model for, their disorder. We conducted a systematic review of empirical studies that have explored R/S in individuals with BD or samples that explicitly delineate individuals with BD. Only six studies met our inclusion criteria. Findings from these studies suggest that R/S strategies may be important for some people in the management of BD. Religion and spirituality thus become relevant concerns for a therapeutic regime that seeks to develop wellness within a bio-psycho-social model. However, the limited body of research and methodological shortcomings of existing research make it difficult to draw relevant conclusions about how this might be accomplished. The authors propose a need for longitudinal, prospective, mixed methods research in order to inform evidence-based practice.

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