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E-LIS: the open archive for library and information science Morrison, Heather; Subirats Coll, Imma; Medeiros, Norm; De Robbio, Antonella


E-LIS is an open access archive for library and information science. With over 5,800 documents as of June 2007 (over 5,000 in February 2007 when the archive was investigated in-depth), E-LIS is the world’s largest archive for LIS. Over half the documents in ELIS are peer-reviewed. E-LIS is particularly strong in English and Spanish language documents, but supports over 22 languages. With this multilingual support and a global team of volunteer editors, E-LIS has significant diversity in content, an advantage over traditional, english-based LIS resources. Not surprising, this tool designed by and for librarians features robust and user friendly search options. Lack of phrase searching, and pointing to a cross-archiving searching tool no longer supported when much better options are available, are identified as areas for improvement.

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