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Using appreciative inquiry to envision a new future Morrison, Heather


Appreciative Inquiry is a revolution in the way we look at our organizations, a holistic approach that begins with the health of the organization, understanding what we do well and building on our strengths, rather than focusing on our problems. Early in 2006, BC Electronic Library Network conducted an Appreciative Inquiry Interview Exercise, for two purposes: strategic planning, and communications. The results were astonishing: a collection of stories and quotes of BC ELN's best, from a great variety of perspectives and throughout BC ELN's history, that are being used to inform BC ELN communications, and will form part of the BC ELN website. The Weller Library, University of Northern British Columbia, conducted a recent strategic planning process employing the appreciative inquiry approach. This session will present a brief overview of the Appreciative Inquiry approach, and outline the processes and results of the BC ELN and University of Northern British Columbia exercises.

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