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Scientia silvica extension series Klinka, Karel


Scientia Silvica extension series was started in 1997 by Karel Klinka, a silvics professor at the University of British Columbia. He saw the need for a friendly way of distributing current research results to the forestry community. Each extension pamphlet represents a 2-4 page summary of research findings in the field of forest ecology. Topics range from humus form and ecosystem classification to forest productivity, regeneration, stand structure, soil nutrient regimes, coarse woody debris, and plant diversity. Included in each summary is a reference to the more technical original report or scientific paper and contact information for those who wish further information. Also included in the series are several full colour comprehensive reports on ecosystem classification. All pamphlets and reports are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for on-screen viewing or printing. Forest Renewal British Columbia provided the funding for this version of Scientia Silvica extension series.

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