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Regeneration, growth and productivity of trees within gaps of old-growth forests on the outer coast (CWHvh2) of British Columbia Klinka, Karel; Kayahara, Gordon J.; Chourmouzis, Christine


Central to the issue of harvest feasibility on the outer BC coast (CWHvh) is the question of whether sites, once harvested, can be regenerated, and whether the time period for replacement and subsequent growth is economically and environmentally acceptable. Since low productivity sites have not been harvested in the past, there is a lack of data to answer this question. We tried to provide an answer by assessing regeneration following natural disturbances. Small scale gap disturbances are the norm within old-growth stands. If regeneration is not a problem in gaps, then we have some evidence that regeneration should not be a problem upon implementation of our management practices. The objectives of this study were: (1) to develop baseline information on the mechanisms and the patterns of regeneration across a sequence of forest types; (2) to assess regeneration success with respect to productivity; and (3) to estimate future growth and productivity.

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