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Structure and regeneration of old-growth stands in the engelmann spruce - subalpine fir zone Klinka, Karel


Old-growth stands are important for management, conservation, wildlife, recreation, and maintaining biological diversity in forested landscapes. However, we are lacking the information needed to adequately identify and characterize old-growth stands. This is especially true for high elevation, interior forests. The characterization of stand structure and regeneration pattern will help in the development of site-specific guidelines for identifying old growth stands and restoring some of the old-growth characteristics in managed stands. This pamphlet presents a synopsis of a study investigating stand structure and regeneration of old-growth stands in the Moist Cold Engelmann Spruce - Subalpine Fir (ESSFmc) Subzone near Smithers, B.C. The three stands selected for the study were located on zonal sites, each in different watersheds, and the stands were established after fire. The criteria used for selection were: i) absence of lodgepole pine, ii) presence of advanced regeneration, and iii) abundant snags and coarse woody debris. These stands were presumed to represent the old-growth stage of stand development or the final (climax) stage of secondary succession.

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