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1990 Excavations at Paso de la Amada: Early Formative Chiefdoms in Southeastern Mexico Blake, Michael, John E. Clark, Vicki L. Feddema, Richard G. Lesure, and Michael Ryan


This report describes the 1990 U.B.C. and B.Y.U.-New World Archaeological Foundation excavations at the Early Formative Period site of Paso de la Amada, on the Pacific Coast of Chiapas, Mexico. Excavations were carried out as part of a one year SSHRC-funded, and N.W.A.F. supported excavation at the site, continuing with our work first begun in 1985. Here we provide an introduction to the 1990 excavations, with descriptions of the principal discoveries in Mound 6, and the test pits in Mounds 7, 10, 11, 12, and 13, as well as four off-mound test pits. We offer preliminary interpretations of the findings so far, including their implications for the regional chronology, environment, subsistence, sedentism, demography, architecture, ceramic technology, and the emergence of chiefdoms.

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