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Nursing workforce study, volume 4 : nursing workforce deployment : a survey of employers Kazanjian, Arminée, 1947-; Rahim-Jamal, Sherin, 1963-; MacDonald, Allyson; Wood, Laura Christine, 1955-; Cole, Carol, 1953-


This study was commissioned by the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources (ACHHR) to develop baseline data on the supply and education of Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and on employer practices pertaining to the deployment of all patient care providers. The study results are published in five separate volumes. Volume IV of the study, "Nursing Workforce Deployment: A Survey of Employers" examines employer practices and policies for nursing workforce deployment in each province/territory. A sample survey regarding deployment was undertaken using a questionnaire pertaining to all three regulated nursing groups: LPNs, also known as Registered Nurse Assistants (RNAs), RPNs, and RNs. Information on other professionals and unregulated patient care providers e.g. Aides was also collected by the questionnaire. The questionnaire was designed to capture the following information: hiring practices (amount of experience required, deployment, credentials, etc.), kinds of services provided and the skills perceived to be needed to provide those services, numbers and mix of nursing personnel used to provide services, use of unregulated health care workers in relation to nursing services provision, and anticipated changes in deployment practices related to changes in the organization of the health care delivery system.

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