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Fee practice medical service expenditures per capita, and full-time-equivalent physicians in B.C., 1981-1982 Barer, M. L.; Fung, Patrick Wong


This report provides data for B.C. which may be useful in addressing three aspects of physician services planning -- estimating the supply of active clinical practitioners; estimating the regional distribution of active practitioner services, and examining the regional age/sex per capita utilization of medical services in the province. Comprised primarily of a series of detailed tables, and methodologic descriptions, the report does not attempt any analyses or interpretation of the data. The report also represents the Health Manpower Research Unit's first application of the B.C. Medical Services Plan Statistics Master File. This file contained, for the 1981-82 fiscal year, approximately 37 million records representing the medical services plan payments to all practitioners providing service to residents of the province. It represents the only data base containing the information necessary to estimate the distributional effect of inter-regional referral patterns.

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