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Difficult-to-fill vacancies in selected health care disciplines in British Columbia, 1980-1991 MacDonald, A.; Kazanjian, Arminée 1947-


This report is the second of its kind presenting a summary and synthesis of the data collected by the Health Human Resources Unit (HHRU) on difficult-to-fill (DTF) vacancies in British Columbia. The first summary report was completed in 1987 following the first seven years of data collection; this report incorporates five more years of continuous data, covering a twelve-year period. The "Difficult-to-Fill" study began in January 1980 following discussions in 1979 between the British Columbia Health Association (BCHA) and the Health Human Resources Working Group (HHRWG), at the time comprising the ministries of Health, Post-Secondary Education. Universities, and Labour. These discussions were undertaken in response to mounting pressure from numerous reports in British Columbia newspapers during 1979 and 1980 of a nursing shortage. However, there was no available empirical evidence at the time for these claims. This project was thus established to monitor unmet demand for health personnel in British Columbia with a focus on nursing personnel but also to include a large number of other health care disciplines.

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