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Place of graduation for selected health occupations 1974 - 1975 Muir, Gordon; Meade, Colleen P.; Manning, Wendy G.


The immigration of foreign-trained manpower to Canada has become a cause for concern in many segments of Canadian society over the past months, not only by government officials but also by Canadians in general. The extensive field of health manpower has not been overlooked in their concern. In response to specific requests and because of the increased interest in the area of immigration, the Division of Health Services Research and Development in the Office of the Coordinator, University of British Columbia, has produced the following set of tables from the data bases which it maintains for the Health Manpower Working Group of the Ministry of Health, Province of British Columbia. These data bases have been established by the Health Manpower Research Unit of the Division. The professional groups included were dietitians, licensed practical nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and registered nurses. These tables were produced with the full permission of the associations and licensing bodies concerned. Additional reports ref erring to other health workers may be prepared if there is interest. Close attention should be paid to the definitions which accompany each table to minimize misinterpretation of data. Assistance in interpretation of this information may be obtained by contacting each of the associations concerned. In the following tables place of graduation is the country where the health worker received his/her basic professional qualifications as reported to the association.

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