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West African marine ecosystems: models and fisheries impacts. Palomares, Maria Lourdes D.; Pauly, Daniel


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD. INTRODUCTION. Ecosystem-based fisheries management: the role of the SIAP project (Daniel Pauly). WEST AFRICAN ECOSYSTEMS. Modèle écotrophique du Banc d’Arguin (Mauritanie) dans la période 1988 à 1998 (Mahfoudh Ould Taleb Ould Sidi and Diop Mika Samba). Modèle écotrophique de la ZEE mauritanienne: comparaison de deux périodes (1987 et 1998) (Mahfoudh Ould Taleb Ould Sidi and Sylvie Guénette). Ecopath model of the Cape Verde coastal ecosystem (K.A. Stobberup, V.D.M. Ramos and M.L. Coelho). Dynamique du réseau trophique de l’écosystème sénégambien en 1990 (Birane Samb et Asberr Natoumbi Mendy). Addendum : L’écosystème sénégambien en 1964 à 1981 (Birane Samb). Long-term trends in al fishery resources of Ghana in response to fishing pressure (Kwame Koranteng and Daniel Pauly). A trophic model of the Gambian continental shelf system in 1986 (Asberr Natoumbi Mendy). Addendum: The Gambian continental shelf ecosystem in 1992 and 1995. Preliminary Ecopath model of the Guinea-Bissau continental shelf ecosystem (NW-Africa) (Patrícia Amorim, Gregório Duarte, Miriam Guerra, Telmo Morato, and Kim A. Stobberup). Modèle trophique du système côtier du plateau continental Guinéen (Ibrahima Diallo, Ibrahima Cissé and Amadou Bah). Addendum: Modèles de la côte guinéenne, 1985 et 1998 (Sylvie Guénette and Ibrahima Diallo). Structure and dynamics of the marine ecosystem off Sierra Leone for three time periods: 1964, 1978 and 1990 (Johanna J. Heymans and Jan Michael Vakily). Biodiversity of the Namibian Exclusive Economic Zone: a brief review with emphasis on online databases (Maria Lourdes D. Palomares and Daniel Pauly). ANALYSES. Mass balance of Atlantic oceanic systems (Marcelo Vasconcellos and Reg Watson). Trends in fish biomass off Northwest Africa, 1960-2000 (Villy Christensen, Patricia Amorim, Ibrahim Diallo, Taib Diouf, Sylvie Guénette,Johanna J. Heymans, Asberr Natoumbi Mendy, Mahfoudh Ould Taleb Ould Sidi, Maria Lourdes D. Palomares, Birane Samb, Kim Stobberup, Jan Michael Vakily, Marcelo Vasconcellos, Reg Watson, and Daniel Pauly). APPENDICES.

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