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Innovation and outlook in fisheries : an assessment of research presented at the 4th World Fisheries Congress Chuenpagdee, Ratana; Bundy, Alida


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD. PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. RECONCILING FISHERIES WITH CONSERVATION: OVERVIEW OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE 4TH WORLD FISHERIES CONGRESS (Ratana Chuenpagdee, Alida Bundy, Cameron Ainsworth, Eny A. Buchary, William W. L. Cheung, Lindy Dingerson, Bridget Ferris, Kátia M. F. Freire, Guillermo Giannico, Carrie Holt, Debra Lambert, Lisa Liguori, Yajie Liu, D.Nandakumar, Amy Poon, Silvia Salas, Anne Salomon, Jason Simms, Mary Turnipseed, and Catherine Ware). AN ANALYSIS OF HOW NATURAL SCIENCES ARE ADDRESSING FISHERIES WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF CONSERVATION (Alida Bundy, Guillermo Giannico, Carrie Holt and Anne Salomon). HOW ARE WE PERFORMING IN THE SOCIAL ASPECTS OF FISHERIES SCIENCE? (Lisa Liguori, Kátia M. F. Freire, Debra Lambert and Amy Poon). ECONOMICS DISCUSSION AT THE 4TH WORLD FISHERIES CONGRESS (Yajie Liu, D. Nandakumar, Silvia Salas, and Ratana Chuenpagdee). TOOLS TO RECONCILE FISHERIES WITH CONSERVATION (William W. L. Cheung, Cameron Ainsworth, Jason Simms and Eny A. Buchary). TALKING MANAGEMENT AND POLICY AT THE SCIENTIFIC MEETING (Lindy Dingerson, Mary Turnipseed and Ratana Chuenpagdee). ROLES OF COMMUNITIES AND STAKEHOLDERS IN RECONCILING FISHERIES WITH CONSERVATION (Mary Turnipseed and Lisa Liguori). RESULTS FROM PANEL DISCUSSION: PRIORITY AREAS FOR RESEARCH IDENTIFIED AT THE FOURTH WORLD FISHERIES CONGRESS (Cameron Ainsworth and Lindy Dingerson).TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE (Alida Bundy, Eny A. Buchary, Ratana Chuenpagdee, Lindy Dingerson, Guillermo Giannico, Debra Lambert, Lisa Liguori, Yajie Liu, Amy Poon, Silvia Salas, and Mary Turnipseed). CREATING A POSITIVE FUTURE FOR FISHERIES AND COASTAL COMMUNITIES WORLDWIDE (Ratana Chuenpagdee, Alida Bundy, Anthony Charles, Patrick Christie, Lucia Fanning, Patricia Gonzales, Justin Houston, Lisa Liguori, D. Nandakumar, Dan Ricard, Murray Rudd, Daniel Pauly, Silvia Salas, Jennifer Smith, Rashid Sumaila, Mary Turnipseed, Peter Tyedmers, David VanderZwaag, and Kees Zwanenburg). APPENDIX 1. The evaluation template for assessing the contributions of papers presented at the 4WFC in reconciling fisheries with conservation. APPENDIX 2. List of participants, Innovation and Outlook in Fisheries Workshop, May 2004 APPENDIX 3. List of participants, Creating a Positive Future for Fisheries and Fishing Communities Workshop, Jan 2005. APPENDIX 4. AQUALINK: Five-Year Review (2000-2004). List of AQUALINK members.

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