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Implementing Microsoft Excel software for Rapfish : a technique for the rapid appraisal of fisheries status Kavanagh, Patricia; Pitcher, Tony J.


Director’s Foreword. SUMMARY. INTRODUCTION. Rapfish Software Development Requirements. RAPFISH EXCEL VBA SOFTWARE DESIGN DESCRIPTION. Software Architecture. User Interface Form: Enter Data, Run Rapfish Analysis and Options. Rapfish Analysis Procedure with the User Interface Form.VBA Subroutines. Multi-Dimensional Scaling Using ALSCAL Fortran DLL. RAPFISH INSTALLATION AND USE. Installation Description. Software Installation Steps. Analyzing Your Own Fisheries Scoring Data. How to Edit the Rapfish Add-In for Further Development. RAPFISH: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Interpretation. Rapfish Error and Variability. Sustainability ‘Calibration’. Dominant Attributes. FUTURE RAPFISH DEVELOPMENT. MULTIPLICATIVE UTILITY: RAPFISH-M. REFERENCES. ANNEXES. Annex 1: Published Papers Using Rapfish. Annex 2: The ALSCAL FORTRAN DLL. Annex 3: VBA Code for Rapfish Excel Add-in. Annex 4: VBA routine to label points in Excel x-y graph.

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