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Ecosystem simulations of the English Channel : climate and trade-offs Stanford, Richard; Pitcher, Tony


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD. ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. Objectives. The English Channel. Physical and biological characteristics. Fisheries. Previous Research. AN ECOPATH MODEL FOR THE ENGLISH CHANNEL IN 1995. The basic parameters. Functional group descriptions. Pre-balancing diet matrix. Catch Data. Discards. Balancing the Model. Further adjustments. Economic data. Final 1995 model parameters. AN ECOSYSTEM MODEL OF THE ENGLISH CHANNEL IN 1973. Reconstructing the past. Modifying P/B and Q/B. Catch data. 1973 Model Functional Group Descriptions. Balancing the 1973 Ecopath Model. TUNING AND SIMULATING THE ENGLISH CHANNEL ECOSYSTEM USING ECOSIM. Tuning the English Channel Ecosystem Model. Simulations: Single Objective Results. Trade–offs in Multiple Objectives: Eat it or leave it? Rapfish evaluations. MAKING TOUGH DECISIONS. Towards a Solution. Discussion. REFERENCES. APPENDIX.

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