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Restoring the past to salvage the future : report on a community participation workshop in Prince Rupert, BC Pitcher, Tony; Power, Melanie; Wood, Louisa


DIRECTOR'S FOREWARD: SAVING THE SHIP OF FOOLS. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. INTRODUCTION TO THE PRINCE RUPERT COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION WORKSHOP FOR "BACK TO THE FUTURE" IN NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA (Nigel Haggan and Tony Pitcher). OPENING SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES IN NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA (Tony Pitcher). REPORTS FROM THE WORKING GROUPS ON DESIRED ECOSYSTEMS AND FISHERIES. Introduction (Melanie Power). Report of Discussions: Group 1 (Robyn Forrest and Melanie Power). Report of Discussions: Group 2 (Richard Stanford) Report of Discussions: Group 3 (Rashid Sumaila). Report of Discussions: Group 4 (Tony Pitcher). Report of Discussions Group 5 (Models) (Cameron Ainsworth, Eny Buchary and Sheila Heymans). RESULTS OF THE SIMULATIONS REQUESTED BY THE WORKING GROUPS. Introduction (Melanie Power). Simulations requested by Group 1 (Cameron Ainsworth). Simulations requested by Group 2 (Sheila Heymans). Simulations requested by Group 3 (Eny Buchary). Simulations requested by Group 4 (Tony Pitcher). Which Restoration Goal is Best? (Eny Buchary and Rashid Sumaila). EVALUATION OF PARTICIPANTS' CHOICE OF RESTORATION GOAL (Melanie Power). WHAT THE TEAM LEARNED FROM THE COMMUNITY WORKSHOP. Introduction (Melanie Power). The Thoughtful Use of Words (Melanie Power). What the Interviews have Shown (Cameron Ainsworth). Can we split the ECOSIM fisheries by license type? (Cameron Ainsworth). How to Model Salmon (Richard Stanford). Estimating the sports catch in northern BC (Robyn Forrest). Rapporteur’s Report on Plenary Discussions (Cameron Ainsworth). Final Workshop Discussion (Eny Buchary, Sheila Heymans and Cameron Ainsworth). Critique of the workshop (The Editors). ANNEXES. Annex 1: Participants at the workshop. Annex 2: Agenda for the Prince Rupert workshop. Annex 3: Workshop Invitation Brochure. Annex 4. The ‘Lost Valley’. Annex 5. List of Reports and Papers on Back to the Future.

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