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Economics of marine protected areas : papers, discussions and issues: a conference held at the UBC Fisheries Centre July 2000 Sumaila, Ussif Rashid; Alder, Jackie


ABSTRACT -- DIRECTOR'S FOREWORD -- TABLE OF CONTENTS -- CONTRIBUTED PAPERS -- Evaluating Marine Protected Area Management: A New Modelling Approach (Jacqueline Alder, UssifRashid Sumaila, Tony Pitcher, and Dirk Zeller) -- Marine Reserves - will they accomplish more with management costs? A comment to Hannesson's (1998) paper (Claire Armstrong and Siv Reithe) -- Marine Reserves: Is there an economic justification? -- (Ragnar Arnason) Marine protected areas in the North Sea: a preliminary bioeconomic evaluation using Ecoseed, a new game theory tool for use with the ecosystem simulation Ecopath with Ecosim (Alasdair Beattie, Villy Christensen, Ussif Rashid Sumaila and Daniel Pauly) -- Costs and benefits of implementing a marine reserve facing prey-predator interactions (Jean Boncoeur, Frederique Alban Olivier Thebaud and Olivier Guyader) -- Importance of Marine Protected Areas and their Benefits: the local community's perspectives (Ratana Chuenpagdee, Julia Fraga, Ricardo Torres, and Jorge Euan) -- An overview of socioeconomic Aspects of an Indonesian Marine Protected Area: A Perspective from Kepulauan Seribu Marine Park (Akhmad Fauzi and Eny Buchary) -- Contingent Valuation of Southern California Rocky Intertidal Ecosystems (Darwin C. Hall, Jane V. Hall, Steven N. Murray) The Economics of Marine Reserves (Rognvaldur Hannesson) -- Integrating Marine Protected Areas into Dynamic Spatial Models of Fish and Fishermen (Daniel S. Holland) -- The value of a spill-over fishery for spiny lobsters around a marine reserve in northern New Zealand (S. Kelly, A. B. MacDiarmid, D. Scott and R. Babcock) -- Marine reserves: designing cost effective options (Kenton Lawson and Peter Gooday) -- The Potential Role of Marine Reserves in Selected Countries in East and Southern Africa. (O.V. Msiska, N. Jiddawi and U. R. Sumaila) Lake Malawi National Park Fisheries: Basic Assessment of Benefits and Impact (Edward Nsiku) -- Consequences of MPAs: an exercise in the Upper Gulf of California assessing immediate economic consequences of no-take zones (Ivonne Ortiz) -- Spatial Ecosystem Simulation of No-take Human-Made Reefs in Marine Protected Areas: Forecasting the Costs and Benefits in Hong Kong (Tony Pitcher, Ussif Rashid Sumaila and Eny Anggraini Buchary) -- Estimating the fishery benefits of fully-protected marine reserves: why habitat and behaviour are important (Callum M. Roberts and Helen Sargant) -- A bioeconomic analysis of tropical marine reserve-fishery linkages: Mombasa Marine National Park (Lynda D. Rodwell, Edward B. Barbier, Callum M.Roberts and Tim R. McClanahan) -- Are Marine Protected Areas in the Turks and Caicos Islands ecologically or economically valuable? (MA. Rudd,A.J. Danylchuk, SA. Gore, and M.H. Tupper) -- The Impacts of Marine Reserves on Limited Entry Fisheries (James Sanchirico and James E. Wilen) MPAs: Process, Privilege and Participation: a sociological discussion Victoria Silk -- Marine protected area performance in a game theoretic model of the fishery (Ussif Rashid Sumaila) -- PAPERS IN ABSTRACT GENERAL DISCUSSION -- SUMMARY (Scott Farrow) -- LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

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