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Ecosystem models of Newfoundland and Southeastern Labrador : additional information and analyses for "back to the future" Heymans, Johanna J.


Director’s Foreword. Preface (Johanna J. Heymans). First Nations Impact On the Newfoundland Ecosystem During Pre-Contact Times (Johanna J. Heymans). Micro-level Historical Reconstruction of the Newfoundland Fisheries between 1891-2000: Findings and Issues (Kara Rogers). From local knowledge to science and back: Evolving use of local ecological knowledge in fisheries science (Erin Alcock, Danny Ings and David C. Schneider). Revised models for Newfoundland for the time periods 1985-87 and 1995-97 (Johanna J. Heymans). Comparing the Newfoundland marine ecosystem models using Information Theory (Johanna J. Heymans). Fitting the Newfoundland model to time series data (Johanna J. Heymans).

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