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Seamounts : biodiversity and fisheries Morato Gomes, Telmo Alexandre Fernandes; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD (Daniel Pauly). FOREWORD (Sarah Chasis and Karen Garrison). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Daniel Pauly). INFERENCES OF POTENTIAL SEAMOUNT LOCATIONS FROM MID-RESOLUTION BATHYMETRIC DATA (Adrian Kitchingman and Sherman Lai). Appendix 1. 1. Location of > 14,000 likely seamounts. SEAMOUNTSONLINE: AN ONLINE RESOURCE FOR DATA ON THE BIODIVERSITY OF SEAMOUNTS (Karen Stocks). SEAMOUNT INVERTEBRATES: COMPOSITION AND VULNERABILITY TO FISHING (Karen Stocks). Appendices 1a-1d: Data in invertebrates collected from seamounts globally. 1a. List of species from seamounts - ordered by species. 1b. List of species from seamounts - ordered by seamount. 1c. Bibliography of data sources cited in appendices 1a and 1b. 1d. Distribution maps for seamount invertebrates given in appendices 1a and 1b. TAXONOMY AND BIOLOGY OF SEAMOUNT FISHES (Rainer Froese and Arlene Sampang). Appendices 1-6. 1. Preliminary annotated checklist of seamount fishes. 2. Preliminary list of seamount fishes with reported seamounts. 3. Preliminary checklist of fishes by seamount. 4. Preliminary list of commercially important seamount fishes. 5. Reference numbers with citations. 6. Preliminary bibliography of seamount fishes. A FUZZY LOGIC EXPERT SYSTEM FOR ESTIMATING THE INTRINSIC EXTINCTION VULNERABILITIES OF SEAMOUNT FISHES TO FISHING (William W. L. Cheung, Tony J. Pitcher and Daniel Pauly). Appendix 1. 1. Assignment of strength of spatial behaviour of fish onto a 1 to 100 arbitrary scale. VULNERABILITY OF SEAMOUNT FISH TO FISHING: FUZZY ANALYSIS OF LIFE HISTORY ATTRIBUTES (Telmo Morato, William W. L. Cheung and Tony J. Pitcher). Appendix 1. 1. Additions to Froese and Sampang’s checklist of seamount fishes. EXPLOITATION PATTERNS IN SEAMOUNT FISHERIES: A PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS (Reg Watson and Telmo Morato). Appendix 1. 1. Commercial fish taxa associated with seamounts. MANAGING AND PROTECTING SEAMOUNT ECOSYSTEMS (Jackie Alder and Louisa Wood). GLOSSARY.

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