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Historical reconstruction of Indian marine fisheries catches, 1950-2000, as a basis for testing the Marine Trophic Index Bhathal, Brajgeet


DIRECTOR’S FOREWORD (Daniel Pauly). ABSTRACT. DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA’S FISHERIES. Introduction. Study Objective. Study Area.Background Information. DESCRIPTION OF TAXA CAUGHT. Introduction. Functional Groups. HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION OF INDIAN CATCHES: 1950 - 2000. Introduction. Materials and methods. MEASURING THE IMPACTS OF FISHING. Introduction. Materials and methods. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. Results. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS. Summary and conclusions. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. REFERENCES. APPENDICES. Appendix 1. List of the Frequently used Acronyms. Appendix 2. Catch data for India and its individual states and union territories.

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